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Stiftung Warentest: Inexpensive children's sun creams protect better against UV rays than expensive ones.

(06/25/2010) As the Stiftung Warentest announced, cheap sun creams for children are of better quality than comparatively expensive sun milk products. A total of 20 sunscreens were tested, 11 products were rated "good", the most expensive product tested for 21 euros (Ultrasun Professional Protection Kids), on the other hand, only received the grade "sufficient". As the magazine "test" announced, however, all products were able to meet the sun protection factor 30 or 50. There were no complaints here.

The children's sunscreens were examined to see whether they comply with the sun protection factor, the cream is waterproof and how effectively the products protect against UVA and UVB rays. Apparently, health-related aspects were not included, for example whether sun milk uses chemical or natural substances. Because in some sunscreens, PEG / PEG derivatives are still used, which make the skin more permeable to pollutants. It was not possible to find out whether the tested products also had such chemical substances. The fragrances contained in the lotions can also trigger allergies. We therefore endorse the recommendation of "Öko-Test" to use natural cosmetics because they do not use chemical UV filters. In addition, the best protection is to protect children from direct sunlight. This also includes avoiding the midday sun. Children should also play in the shade rather than being exposed to the sun all the time.

Another important note is that parents should be careful when specifying "waterproof". Even if it is stated on the packaging that the product is waterproof, it could be observed in the test series that the waterproof lotions in water lose 50 percent of their protection. Therefore, children should first be dried after bathing and then applied again. All test results can be found in the new edition of "test". (sb)

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