Merger between DAK and BKK Gesundheit failed

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The merger of DAK and BKK Gesundheit surprisingly failed.

(07/23/2010) Actually, the DAK and the BKK Gesundheit wanted to merge by October 1st 2010 and form a joint health insurance company. But the merger was surprisingly canceled. Nevertheless, experts see another "merger" of the statutory health insurance companies in order to be able to react better to financial burdens in the healthcare system.

The end of the merger of DAK and BKK Gesundheit came as a surprise. Because even the future name was already certain, so the common health insurance should be called "DAK Health". Both health insurers wanted to form a health insurance under one roof as of October 1st of this year. But the plans are off the table, the talks have apparently failed. "In the end, we found that it didn't fit," said a spokesman for the German Employee Health Insurance Fund (DAK). At the moment, the decision was made to remain an independent health insurance company, according to the BKK Gesundheit. However, the plans would not be completely sealed yet, because one wants to keep a merger open for the future.

Reasons for the failure of the merger negotiations.
But what are the reasons? BKK Gesundheit announced that "internal committees" had recommended to the board of directors that "BKK Gesundheit" should remain independent at the moment. And this despite the fact that the BKK Gesundheit currently only has 880,000 members. At the beginning of 2009, 1.5 million were still insured with BKK Gesundheit. Among other reasons, numerous members had certainly left the fund because it has been collecting additional contributions from their insured since the beginning of the year. Such a membership size is currently considered risky because it is no longer possible to react flexibly to financial bottlenecks.

More and more health insurance companies want to merge.
According to surveys, every second health insurance company is currently considering a merger. But a merger is not always easy. Not every health insurance company fits the other. Especially for the health insurance companies that are small and financially stricken, it should be difficult to find a suitable partner. Closure of health insurance companies cannot therefore be ruled out in the future. Because the company health insurance companies in Cologne, the City BKK and the BKK for health care professions have already reported impending insolvency to the Federal Insurance Office. Other funds are also considered extremely financially stricken.

From the mergers, the health insurance companies expect more efficiency and more influence on the market and thus a significantly better position compared to the pharmaceutical industry, doctors, clinics and pharmacies. Because it is planned that in the future every health insurance company should negotiate even more contracts with the individual providers. The larger a health insurance company is, the better contracts can be concluded. (sb)

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