Pregnancy: No alcohol is required

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Pregnancy - no alcohol is required.

Thousands of children are born in Germany every year with alcohol damage. For example, doctors are warning again that alcohol can act as a poison during pregnancy. Because around 4,000 to 10,000 babies develop severe physical and mental damage in the womb every year due to the consumption of alcohol by pregnant women, and twelve to fifteen percent of expectant mothers consume alcohol at least once a month, and this is passed directly through the placenta into the unborn child's bloodstream.

Small amounts of alcohol are dangerous for the baby.
Even the consumption of small amounts is considered potentially dangerous for the children, since they cannot break down alcohol like an adult organism and are therefore exposed to the harmful effects for longer. The possible consequences are varied and, according to the pediatrician Prof. Hans- Jürgen Spohr range from mild concentration problems to severe damage in mental and motor development, growth disorders and facial malformations. Often, the pupils suffer from the consequences for a lifetime. Prof. Hans-Jürgen Spohr, on the occasion of the "Alcohol-impaired Child's Day" on September 9, warns that this is "a mortgage for a lifetime" and because the doctors "do not know exactly when and how strong alcohol in each Phase of pregnancy works, women should refrain from drinking any glasses as soon as they know that they are pregnant ”.

Prof. Hans-Jürgen Spohr and the gynecologist Prof. Joachim Dudenhausen at the Berlin Charité head one of the few German advice centers for children with fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) or with alcohol embryopathy (AE). The advice center was initiated by the “Foundation for the Disabled Child”. With the help of the "4-point examination program", the doctors initially diagnose the damage to the affected children. Because according to Prof. Spohr, "the greatest help for the family (...) is usually that those affected finally know what is going on". However, there are no chances of a cure, but FAS patients can only be offered various therapeutic approaches to cope better with everyday life, depending on the severity of the disability: long-term data are also sobering. 70 percent of those affected cannot live without care even as adults and nine out of ten were without a job. According to Prof. Spohr, “heavily alcohol-impaired children (…) become adults who rarely cope with life. And young men have a particularly difficult time. ”

In addition to Down syndrome, FAS is the most common cause of congenital disabilities, although these would be avoidable in 100 percent of the cases. Absolutely avoiding alcohol during pregnancy and breastfeeding is a must, because the alcohol not only gets into the child's bloodstream via the placenta but also through breast milk and can subsequently lead to severe psychological and physical damage. In addition, the consumption of other toxins such as. B. nicotine can be dispensed with. Women who cannot avoid alcohol or other drugs during pregnancy due to their personal addiction are strongly advised to seek medical help and to speak openly about their problem. Because even worse than the consumption of harmful substances during pregnancy is if the expectant mothers are silent out of shame and can neither help the child nor them. In general, a conversation with the doctor about the risk to the unborn child through the consumption of addictive substances and stimulants is never wrong. (fp)

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