Funeral service planned for Mechthild Bach

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Former supporters are planning funeral service for deceased cancer doctor Mechthild Bach

Former patients and supporters are planning a funeral service for the late cancer doctor Mechthild Bach in Hanover-Langenhagen. The sudden death of cancer doctor Mechthild Bach shocked many former supporters and patients. The doctor had surprisingly committed suicide in the night from Sunday to month. Now the deceased should find her final resting place in the Langenhagen cemetery. The funeral service is organized by the "Freundeskreis Bach". Supporters of the doctor had gathered in the association.

The funeral of the highly controversial doctor is scheduled to take place next week. Bach was in court for a total of eight years. The cancer doctor was accused of being responsible for the killing of a total of thirteen seriously ill patients. The court had recently emphasized that instead of conviction for “homicide”, “murder” was also an option. Based on found farewell letters, the Hildesheim public prosecutor assumes that Mechthild Bach committed suicide due to this announcement. The deceased had overdosed on strong painkillers and ultimately died of poisoning.

According to a regional newspaper report, the funeral of the former euthanasia advocate will take place in coordination with the funeral home. The funeral service is planned in the Elisabeth Church in Langenhagen near Hanover. The "Freundeskreis Mechthild Bach" takes over the costs and organization of the funeral, since no close relatives are known. Many of the supporters live in Langenhagen. Before her medical license was withdrawn, the 61-year-old doctor had worked in the Paracelsus Hospital in Langenhagen in the cancer ward. Many of the friends and former patients live in the vicinity of the clinic. That is why the funeral service and burial should take place at this location, the music director and former friend Ernst Müller told the "HAZ". The music director himself was once a patient of Mechthild Bach. (sb)

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