Bavarian students are under stress

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Stressed Bavarian schoolchildren: According to a Forsa survey, almost every second student is affected by this.

A Forsa survey comes to the conclusion that every second Bavarian student is under pressure, every seventh student is even under very high pressure. This means that the students in Bavaria are more stressed than in all other federal states. According to a spokesman for the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), the pressure to perform and the fear of bad grades play an important role. But the partially overcrowded diary of the young people should be checked by the parents, the TK spokesman commented on the survey results.

30 percent of the pupils have problems with concentration. As part of the survey, the Forsa Institute asked 1,000 parents from all over Germany for an assessment of their children's stress. In a nationwide comparison, the 177 Bavarian parents surveyed most often stated that their children are under pressure or under high pressure. The Bavarian figures are not representative because too few fathers and mothers were interviewed, but the results of the survey nevertheless illustrate the high psychological stresses that adolescents are facing today. As a result of the high pressure, concentration disorders are particularly common among Bavarian students. According to the parents, 29 percent of schoolchildren in Bavaria suffer from significant concentration problems, which is a nationwide peak and five percent above the national average, said the spokesman for the TK. Bavarian students also suffer from headaches more often than children from the other federal states.

Signs of increased stress among schoolchildren in Bavaria In view of the results of the survey, the TK explained that there are also other indications of a significantly increased stress among Bavarian schoolchildren. An internal evaluation of the billed drugs showed that in Bavaria the prescription of drugs to increase the ability to concentrate was significantly above the national average. According to the TK, it is not only the pressure to perform at school and the fear of poor grades that are major causes of psychological pressure, but also the often overwhelming schedule of adolescents. After the children come home from school, homework has to be done as quickly as possible, as the next appointments, such as tutoring, music school, ballet or football, are often scheduled for the afternoon. In view of the results of the survey, the TK advises the parents to thoroughly check their children's busy schedule. For example, even with sporty leisure appointments, the negative effects of the tight schedule are outweighed - although physical exercise is actually considered to reduce stress. In view of the results of the survey, politicians also said that they should keep an eye on everyday school life. For example, the middle school will soon undergo a thorough review, emphasized the Bavarian Minister of Culture, Ludwig Spaenle (CSU).

Stress: Cause and consequence of bad grades In the run-up to the awarding of the half-year certificates next Friday, the pressure among Bavarian students is currently particularly high, although according to TK, the high performance expectations of parents are often also responsible for the stress of the students. Parents should therefore take special care that the issue of the half-year certificates does not represent a stressful situation, but is ideally seen as an opportunity. Even with poor grades, there is still enough time until the end of the school year to achieve an improvement in the problem subjects. According to the TC experts, poor academic performance can also be the result and not the cause of stress. Here, increased performance requirements for children would even have a counterproductive effect.

Methods for coping with stress First and foremost, parents should strive together with their children to develop methods to successfully deal with psychologically stressful stress. According to the experts, various methods of stress management are available, which can range from exercises for proper time management, relaxation exercises to sporting activities. However, many of the relaxation methods suitable for adults, such as autogenic training, yoga or tai chi, are rather unpopular with children. The adolescents are all the more dependent on the support of their parents. In particularly critical cases, with serious personal consequences or increasing physical symptoms such as abdominal pain and headache, according to the experts, it is strongly recommended that a psychotherapist be consulted in order to develop individually tailored stress management methods with those affected. (fp)

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