Landshut district court prohibits fair milk

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Landshut District Court Prohibits Product Name "Fair Milk"

The Landshut Regional Court has prohibited MVS Milchvermarktungsgesellschaft mbH from calling the product "Fair Milk" because of the alleged deception of consumers. However, the judgment of the regional court is not understandable for the marketer of the “fair milk”. The deputy managing director has announced her appointment.

The Landshut district court followed the complaint of the competition center in Bad Homburg and prohibited the labeling "Die Faire Milch". So far, however, it has not been clear exactly what prompted the court to decide on the judgment, since, according to the milk marketer MSV, there is still no written justification for the judgment.

Prohibition of the product name "Fair milk" just a misunderstanding?
The deputy managing director of MVS GmbH, Conny Saake, explained to the online portal "top agrar" about the ban on the product name "Fair Milk": "We cannot understand the whole process and do not yet know exactly what the judge accuses us of" . Because a justification of judgment will be sent to MVS GmbH only later this week. Saake suspected that the judgment was misunderstood and that the court used the company's total milk volume as the basis for the calculation when assessing the term “fair milk”. However, "Fair Milk" is only part of the MVS product range and when it comes to "40 cents / liter for our dairy farmers" it is clear to consumers that this milk price is only paid for milk sold as "Fair Milk", Conny emphasized Saake. According to them, there is no deception of the consumer here. Therefore, MVS Milchvermarktungsgesellschaft mbH will appeal to the Munich Higher Regional Court against the current judgment. The milk marketer calculated "good chances" because the concept was clearly "understandable", explained the deputy managing director.

Marketing of the "Fair Milk" continues Irrespective of the current verdict of the Landgericht Landshut, the marketing of the milk under the label "Die Faire Milch" will continue, explained Conny Saake. The lawyers of the milk marketer "clarified this with the competition center". "We can continue to market," emphasized the deputy managing director. With the product name "Fair Milk", MVS GMH advertises a marketing strategy that is fair to consumers, fair to the environment and fair to the farmer. The “Fair Milk” supplied by regional producers not only promises to be “GMO-free” and to contribute to environmental protection, but also to offer dairy farmers an appropriate price (well above the current market price) for their milk. However, based on the information available to date, it is not possible to determine which of the promised aspects of the marketer has not been met by the regional court. However, the written justification of the judgment should provide more concrete information later in the week. (fp)

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