Naturopathic practice Hendrik Balzer Frankfurt

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Classic homeopathy: Individual constitutional therapy, according to Dr. Chronically elevated cholesterol values ​​or blood pressure values, for which severe medication side effects are often accepted, can often be quickly replaced by homeopathic herbal medication. And the hormone drop feared by many women in the menopause, with its typical side effects, such as Hot flashes, anxiety attacks, depressive moods, can often be regulated in a targeted manner without hormone replacement products or psychotropic drugs. Eye diagnosis: empirical science that can provide helpful insights into genetic and nutritional metabolic deposits and organ weaknesses at an early stage. Neural therapy: For painful radiation, e.g. the cervical spine or in the area of ​​the sciatic nerve, locally applied neural therapy enables the respective joint or the affected intervertebral disc to be regenerated in a very targeted manner. Herbal medicine and enzyme therapy: Plant preparations often have excellent biological effectiveness without putting too much strain on our metabolism through toxins and overdose. They serve to specifically stimulate our immune system and can detoxify in organic disorders or tumor processes, e.g. cranking immensely using special snake enzymes. Chiropractic and massage: In fact, many acute and chronic pain conditions originate in the spine and can be improved through targeted back massage and chiropractic procedures. In addition to the removal of vertebral blockages and displacements, stubborn muscle hardening can be eliminated by targeted massages.

Naturopathic practice Hendrik Balzer Frankfurt
In the Roman city 236 /
60439 Frankfurt am Main
Tel: 069/576864
Mail: [email protected]

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