Many pet owners are burdened with their pets

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Pet owners are increasingly feeling overwhelmed

Many pet owners are overwhelmed with the care of their dogs, cats or birds. Professional childcare offers are therefore becoming increasingly popular. The range of services in demand ranges from walks to professional training.

Every pet is not only fun but also work. There are clear differences in the time required, but even a budgie in the cage can become a burden for the owners over time. If you want a pet, you should always consider the work involved. If bottlenecks arise in the care, professional pet sitters can help. These are currently enjoying a rapidly growing demand, explained the spokeswoman for “Besser Betreut GmbH”, Stephanie Kant.

From going for a walk to professional animal training The pet sitters take on a wide variety of tasks, from cleaning the litter box and bird cage to going for a walk with the dog. According to the experts, professional training is also becoming increasingly popular. "Animal care is growing very rapidly, faster than childcare," explained Stephanie Kannt. On internet platforms such as animal keepers (mostly students) are referred for walks with their four-legged friends, but professional animal trainers can also be contacted in this way. All in all, almost the complete range of services for pets such as dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds, fish, reptiles and even horses is offered. In addition to support, professional animal training is increasingly in demand. While it is usually possible for laypeople to go for a walk or to take care of them, professional support from an animal trainer is usually required for the initial education and to correct misconduct in the animals.

Pets are often poorly educated Operators of the care facilities, so-called animal pensions, report that on the one hand the demand has increased significantly, and on the other hand the animals are more poorly educated than in the past. Badly behaved dogs are being given to her more and more often, Sabine Eisentraut reports, the owner of the Jena cat-dog ranch. According to the expert, “some people cannot walk on a leash or hardly listen to simple commands.” She is convinced that many pet owners were not aware of the work and time involved in caring for and raising the animals. Numerous animal owners also lack the will and the long-term consequence to educate the animals properly. Accordingly, they are often overwhelmed with animal husbandry. A common problem in animal shelters.

Excessive demands on the animal owner are due to be handed over to the animal shelter. Pets are being sold more and more because the owners are simply overwhelmed with their care. As Beate Schmelzer from the Altenburg animal shelter in Thuringia explained, overworking is one of the most common reasons why people give up their pets. After all, these often end up under the pretext of: "We found the animal" in the animal shelters. Most of the time it was clear to the staff "that people just can't admit that they don't have time for a pet," emphasized Schmelzer. However, far from all animal owners try to provide an explanation when handing in the animals. "Sometimes people simply tie their animals to our gate, probably because they have to move or go on vacation," said Kerstin Wolf from the Eisenach animal shelter. This shows how cold-hearted and unscrupulous some people can be. It is not uncommon for pet owners to experience a fundamentally new situation through moving or a new job, which they did not consider when purchasing the pet. They are in a kind of predicament that makes it impossible for them to keep the animal. However, everyone who buys an animal should also consider how old it gets on average and what possible consequences a change of job or place of residence can have here. (fp)

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