World Parkinson's Day: More and more diseases

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World Parkinson's Day: Diseases in Germany are increasing

Parkinson's neurological disease could develop into a common German disease. 280,000 Germans are already affected and the number is increasing. Attention should be drawn to the disease on World Parkinson's Day tomorrow, April 11th.

Incurable disease Parkinson's, which is one of the most common diseases of the central nervous system, is incurable. It is characterized by great restrictions in the mobility of those affected and begins slowly, but then progresses throughout life. Because the respective symptoms become stronger in the course, they can be recognized better. Early signs can be, for example, the reduced and later missing swinging of an arm while running. Often there is shoulder pain and one-sided muscle tension. In the early stages, Parkinson's can be identified with a nose smell test.

Demographic development increases the number of diseases There are no reliable figures, but there are currently around 280,000 cases of Parkinson's disease known across Germany. Due to the demographic development, the disease is in the process of developing into a new widespread disease, according to Magdalene Kaminski, CEO of the German Parkinson's Association. "Around 13,000 new diseases are added every year," experts estimate.

Younger people also at risk The first symptoms usually occur between the ages of 50 and 60. However, it is stated that "eight to twelve percent of patients are only 40 years old or younger". If Parkinson's disease is diagnosed early, it can "be treated so well that the course of the disease is considerably slowed down". Many of the patients, their families and also treating doctors and other experts have come together to form various associations in order to become active together.

World Parkinson's Day On Thursday, April 11th, experts will provide information nationwide and worldwide about the background and treatment options for the disease, which is named after the doctor James Parkinson, who first described the symptoms in 1817. (ad)

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