Most Germans feel healthy

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Despite more diabetes and other diseases, many Germans feel healthy

Most Germans feel healthy. This was the result of the current “Study on Adult Health” from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), in which scientists evaluated data on the health status and behavior of a total of 7,238 people aged between 18 and 79 years. Accordingly, income plays an important role in health assessment. For example, people with low status rated their health status worse and were sick more often than those with higher income.

More and more Germans suffer from diabetes and high cholesterol. According to the study results, metabolic diseases such as diabetes play an increasingly important role in Germany. Since the last comparable study by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in 1998, the number of diabetics has increased. Currently, more than seven percent of Germans suffer from diabetes. Another “common illness” of the Germans is increased cholesterol levels. "Overall, 56 percent of men and 60.5 percent of women aged 18 to 79 have an increased total serum cholesterol above the currently recommended limit of 190 mg / dl," the researchers write. In 17.9 percent of men and 20.3 percent of women, the values ​​were even very strongly increased (≥240 mg / dl).

In addition to other physical and mental illnesses, the RKI scientists also examined the occurrence of psychological and physical experiences of violence. Every fifth respondent had experiences with psychological violence and every tenth perpetrator had experiences with psychological violence. "Physical violence experiences in the past twelve months reported a total of about every 20th participant, men significantly more often than women," says the study. However, there were no serious gender-specific differences in the frequency of perpetrator experiences of physical and psychological violence. According to this, women were more often the perpetrators of psychological and physical violence in the home, such as in a partnership or in the family, whereas men were more often at work and in public places. In the case of psychological violence, women tended to be victims more often than men. 60 percent of the victims of psychological violence stated that “their condition was severely or very severely impaired”, compared with three quarters of the victims of physical violence.

Income affects the assessment of the health of Germans Another result of the study showed that the amount of income plays an important role in the assessment of one's own health. For example, study participants from lower income brackets rated their health worse and were also more often ill than people with a higher status.

According to the RKI, the assessment of one's own health has improved, especially in the older age groups. Only a minority of older Germans have everyday restrictions. Most older people are active and exercise regularly. In general, there is a trend towards more sporting activity, so that a quarter of adults regularly exercise at least two hours a week. However, the 2.5 hour appropriate exercise recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) only reaches a fifth of the population, the researchers said. (ag)

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