Psychologist says: Heartache is healthy

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Why heartache is healthy

It was Valentine's Day only a few days ago, but not everyone has had a happy day of love. A Viennese researcher is now encouraging those who suffer from a broken heart. He says: "Heartache is healthy".

Heartache is healthy The recently celebrated Valentine's Day is not the day of love for everyone. Many are particularly reminded of their "broken heart" during the day. But an Austrian researcher is now encouraging you. Stephan Doering, head of the University Clinic for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy at the Med-Uni Vienna comes to the conclusion that lovesickness is healthy.

Healthy response According to press reports, Doering said that lovesickness "is healthy if you allow it and take the time to process the grief and pain properly." You have to admit the lovesickness. "It's a healthy reaction," said the expert. If one feels neither grief nor grief after a separation, this is worrying and the psychoanalyst sees signs of other psychological problems in it.

Heartache can take months It is completely different how long heartache lasts. The duration depends both on how long the relationship lasted and on its emotional depth. Doering says: "Heartache can take months if you have loved properly." Even if heartache does not usually require professional help, those affected should still seek professional help if the pain of separation does not end and focus on everyday life or affects the ability to work.

Mental illnesses as a result of Doering, lovesickness can also result in other mental illnesses, such as depression or anxiety disorders. He mentions psychosomatic illnesses or even schizophrenia as late complications. As a rule, however, there is a predisposition or previous illness. "It is then like an old wound that breaks open again and that can be traced back to previous separations or losses," said the expert. In addition to previous separations or deaths, loss of recognition in the job or other losses in the social environment could also be possible underlying causes.

Heart pain felt physically
In addition to the emotional discomfort, lovesickness can also trigger physical symptoms. Internal unrest and brooding can be responsible for sleep disorders, tiredness, exhaustion and difficulty concentrating. The heart feels "heavy" or "torn" and it is not uncommon for the heart pain to be clearly felt physically. The stomach also contracts sometimes, nausea and abdominal pain can develop. (ad)

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