TBE: ticks become active in spring

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The nice weather attracts the first ticks

Due to the mild temperatures, the ticks wake up from their winter stiffness earlier this year and are already active in some places. The Society for Virology (GfV) in Erlangen therefore advises people who live, work and stay in the TBE risk areas to be vaccinated against meningitis and meningitis.

Ticks can transmit TBE In many areas, ticks are already romping on shrubs, in the undergrowth and on meadows. The spider-like bloodsuckers are widespread wherever their host species live. In Germany there are about 20 different types of ticks, of which the common woodbuck is the best known.

"Many people underestimate the danger posed by ticks," explains Professor Franz X. Heinz, Vice President of the GfV. He advises people who are in the known risk areas - Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, South Hesse, Thuringia and parts of North Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland - to be vaccinated against the TBE pathogens. "These known risk areas exist relatively stable," says the expert. “It is best to vaccinate people who live in the well-known TBE risk areas and spend a lot of time in nature in winter. But even now, with the start of the warm season, it's not too late. "

When walking through the forest or walking through meadows, the ticks can easily jump onto their host and transmit the dangerous pathogens. The so-called early summer meningoencephalitis (TBE) can take severe courses of the disease. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), 420 infections were registered last year alone. "About one percent of cases end in death," reports Heinz. While there is no vaccination for Lyme disease, another tick-borne disease, it can usually be treated with an antibiotic. "However, causal therapy for TBE is not possible," warns Heinz. (ag)

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